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My family recently purchased a used car which was a mistake. The car looks nice, but seems to keep breaking down. Personally, I think the auto manufacturer designed the car poorly. Maybe that is why Chrysler needed to be bailed out by the government. This car I purchased overheated four times, and I think the cause might have been the same thing. The radiator kept cracking. It took me a while to realize that the dealership kept fixing the same issue. One day I tried to start it, and the car wouldn’t start. It wouldn’t even attempt to turn over because the battery was completely dead. We replace the battery, and the starter and that seemed to fix the problem. I think the car was holding a charge which would drain the battery. I’m glad to find a decent auto parts dealer online where I can get the parts I need.

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  1. Reply Abraham Lincoln Oct 21,2011 8:15 am

    That is a shame about not getting a car in great condition. I hope since it is fixed that it works out for you.
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