Florida State

The Sunshine state! Florida is one of the best states I’ve ever been to so far. ¬†Florida is a state in the southeastern United States, located on the nation’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts. It is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the north by Alabama and Georgia and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

Some facts about Florida:
– Florida is known around the world for its balmy weather. The state’s mild winters have made it a haven for retirees. Summers can be long and hot with showers providing much appreciated relief during the rainy season. Coastal areas also experience gentle breezes during the summer.
-The crocodile is classified as an endangered species and there are only 400 to 500 remaining in Florida.
– The Florida Panther is the official state animal. The species is endangered, with only about 50 left in the wild.

Have you ever been to Florida?

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