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A fellow postcrosser from Redding, California sent me this McCloud River postcard. Thanks a lot R! According to him, he used to go here every summer to cool down. You can safely jump from the top of the falls, a good 20ft.

According to wikipedia:

The McCloud River is a river that flows east of and parallel to the Sacramento River, 77.1 miles (124.1 km) long, in northern California in the United States. It drains a scenic mountainous area of the Cascade Range north of Redding. The river was originally known as the “McLeod River”, after the Hudson’s Bay Company hunter and trapper Alexander Roderick McLeod who explored it during the winter of 1829-1830. ┬áBy the 1860s, the spelling “McCloud” was widely used, likely because that was the conventional American spelling of the Scottish name, and perhaps in part to honor California pioneer Ross McCloud.

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  1. Reply Tsang Oct 3,2011 9:59 pm

    sus us imu na subayon tsang maabot siguro sa sacramento river walk sa hehehee. nindot lugara for adventure pero mga anak nga gagmatoy pa dili pa pwedi ani ky mura delikado tikang tikang ning bato. pwedi hinuon makapanglaba diri bayot hehee. lili ko kadali
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