My Dad’s Retirement

The Author of this post is Rolando Dickerson

My dad thought about getting Direct TV for Business for the store but I told him we should think on it. The last thing I want is my brother who works the front desk sitting around all day watching Travel Channel getting ideas. He’s always had an insatiable wanderlust which I can totally relate to but he doesn’t seem to understand that in this day and age you can’t just pick up and leave your job and go off to India or Delhi or wherever you want that week, you’ve got responsibilities to uphold. He doesn’t get that it’s dad’s store and that when he doesn’t show up for work he’s actually penalizing our whole family because I have to go in and cover for him…he’s really selfish like that and though I love my brother I wish he would grow up a little. All he ever talks to me about is the fact that he doesn’t have enough days off work and whether or not he can leave a little early that day

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