Guest post from: Kent Lara

Being so close to a big city, I really worry about the crime that occurs here. We are in a suburb, but close enough to where there is pretty easy access to our homes and cars. My car has an alarm system built in where it will go off if anyone tries to get into it when it is locked. I like having that because I am constantly reading about cars getting stolen, or stuff being stolen out of them, like purses, GPS devices, radios, etc. I also have alarm systems north Atlanta in my home, which also gives me a sense of security for my home and our belongings. So far, we have never been the victim of any robber or act of violence. We are fortunate in that regard, because a lot of our neighbors have been. I don’t know if it is just luck, or because of our alarms systems, or what. Either way, I am thankful and hope to continue not having any bad things like that happen to us.

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