Loudon County divorce lawyers

When we hear the term ‘divorce’ we often think of couples shouting at each other at the courtroom, saying mean things to each other and children traumatized about having to choose which parent they want to be with. Although these are commonly seen in movies and TV shows, it does happen in real life. Fortunately, though, there are couples who divorce without all drama and complications associated with getting a divorce.

There is a type of divorce which is classified as uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, both parties have agreed that divorce is the best option for them. They have made clear to each other what they want to happen once they divorce. The Loudon County divorce lawyers that they get will only provide them with legal guidance on how they finalize everything. Both parties have agreed on how their properties and assets will be divided. If they have a business venture together, they also need to decide on what to do with it. It’s either they will sell the business or one party will sell his share or ownership to the other party. For couples who have children, the custody of the children has also been decided. In most instances, the children have been informed about it beforehand, even before the parents formally file for divorce. If they have incurred any debts or any outstanding loans, they can also decide on how they will be able to settle their financial obligations separately. Divorce lawyers prefer uncontested divorce because it does not involve any lengthy process and that all the important issues have been discussed and agreed upon by both parties involved. With an uncontested divorce, the VA divorce lawyer will only have to prepare all the necessary documentations needed to finalize everything that has been agreed upon by the clients.

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