Uncontested Divorce in Fairfax County, VA

Have you heard of uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce is where both parties involved have, by themselves, decided on all the important matters related to the divorce. This usually involves reaching an agreement on how their properties and assets will be divided and whether one party will have sole custody of the children or if it is going to be a shared custody. Although it a common practice for individuals filing for uncontested divorce in Fairfax County VA do everything on their own, it is still advisable that they seek legal advice from qualified divorce lawyers. There are still some legal issues that they have to deal with even if, in their opinion, everything has been amicably settled. Take for instance on the issue of child support. Both parties may have decided on the amount of monthly support the father has to send for his children. Unless there is a legal document about this agreement, there may be legal issues about it in the future. What if the father remarries and has his own children; will he still be obliged to send the same amount even if he is struggling with supporting his new family? Will the financial support end after a specific number of years? With proper legal documentation it will be a clear for all parties involved every important detail regarding the financial support. If one suddenly stops sending financial support without valid reason, the document can be used as evidence when they decide to take the issue on court. A divorce in Virginia without children custody involved can be simpler since both the parties involved as well as their respective lawyers can concentrate on other important issues regarding the divorce. If you intend to file for an uncontested divorce, keep in mind that although you have agreed upon all the important issues on your own, requiring the services of a legal counsel is essential.

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