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Not every family has the financial capacity to buy their own home. Although having a house is a basic necessity, it is a sad fact that there are still families who are still struggling with providing for their daily needs. Those who barely have enough to eat everyday do not have the time and resources to think of how they can provide a comfortable home for their families.

In order to provide families, especially those who belong to the low income bracket, with the opportunity to have their own homes, the government as well as private organizations, foundations and private companies offer low income housing. Those who want to avail of low income housing only have to comply with certain requirements and qualifications. Once they have submitted all the necessary documents such as proof of their annual income, they will be eligible to reside in a housing community chosen by the agency or organization.

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  1. Reply Corinne Jun 28,2012 5:17 am

    The government should play the main role in providing low cost housing for the people with limited income.
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