Cutting & Band Sawing

If you use a lot of metals as raw materials for your products, then you need to find a reliable supplier of metals like aluminum or steel. Most major suppliers of aluminum and steel sheets also offer other services that can answer to any of the metal processing needs of their customers. Laser Cutting uses the latest laser technology that offer the precision that can create straight, contoured or angled cuts, depending on the needs of their customers. They also offer Production Shearing services where aluminum and steel sheets are turned into varying shapes. Cutting & Band Sawing are also being offered to customers who require custom-cut bars and tubes. They have numerous cutting stations in each warehouse to deliver fast response and services to their customers whenever they are needed. These services help customers increase cost efficiency within their own company since they don’t just get the raw materials they need but they can also have them processed.

For more details, you should check out today. IMS is a leading aluminum supplier for Southern California and the southwest. They offer aluminum in a wide variety of shapes, profiles and alloys – just use their online pricing tool to lock in your specifications and get a quote.

Available in different locations around Southern California and Arizona.

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