Interesting News Sources for Passing the Time

When bored, it can be hard to find something that is entertaining. Sitting at doctor’s offices, waiting through awkward social or family gatherings, or sitting in a restroom can all prove to be slow and excruciating. Instead of watching the clock as it ticks slowly, interesting news stories can be read. While many news sources can prove to be quite boring, there are actually several sources out there that are more than entertaining; they can be downright funny or shocking.

Satire News Sites
Satire news sites continue to become popular, but they can also anger many people. Satire sites are known for spreading false stories, usually intended to shock gullible people or to provide a laugh for those who realize the stories are purely fictional or exaggerated. A quick Google search will yield hundreds of these news sites, sure to provide a funny or shocking story that will pass the time quickly.

Subculture News Sites
Across the world, there are thousands of subcultures in existence. However, these subcultures may rarely see news that pertains to them unless it is online. One of the biggest examples is black entertainment news, which caters to hundreds of millions of people across the world. Specialized cultural news sites can be extremely insightful for all who are interested.

News Aggregators
News aggregators, such as Google News, round up news stories from across the web for browsing. One of the coolest aspects of these giant news “blenders” is that most of them have a search function. Therefore, viewers can find stories that relate to their particular interests. Photography buffs can check out the latest gear in the industry, punk rock fans can check out their favorite band’s latest antics, and hardcore gamers can check out the latest and greatest updates made during the last week. All of this is possible with a simple search function.

Facebook Communities
Finally, we come to Facebook. It goes without saying that Facebook is one of the best ways to hear the latest news. When something big happens, it tends to go viral on Facebook nearly immediately. This is especially true for those who are fans of niche specific communities and groups; any important, pertinent news is shared relatively quickly.

News is no longer consumed by the boring, drawn out reports that everyone grew up listening to. As different outlets find their own voices, niches, and even humor, the news is now specialized for each unique audience.

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