Top Tips For Planning Overland Trips

Taking an overland trip sounds like the perfect adventure for many people, an exciting blend of the modern world with just the right touch of “roughing it.” Fortunately, with the right amount of planning, your excursion can go off without a hitch with these expert tips from an overland trip planner.

Helicopter Landed

1. Firstly, you must choose the destination. Whether it be the northern tundra of Canada, the sweltering heat of Baja California, or the exoticness of deepest Africa, the location you choose to travel to will make a big impact on how you pack and also the vehicle you choose.

2. Overland trips can be quite expensive so money will definitely need to be figured into the equation. Some people live off of the money they have saved while others work as they go on their travel adventure, doing odd jobs along the way. Some overland travelers have reported being able to travel on as little as $60 a day while others spend as much as $50,000. What a person spends on their trip is definitely a personal decision which should be decided upon before taking off on the adventure.

3. Figure out a timeline for the trip. Ask yourself if it will take several years to save for the trip or will you be using another source, such a future down payment on a house? Another time factor to consider is for how long will you be traveling? An overland trip is not simply a weekend adventure. Most people take at least a year to see all that they have planned. An overland trip is a serious decision that should not be made lightly.

As you can see, an overland trip can be very exciting but is a commitment that has to have all pros and cons weighed in advance. No matter, though, as the overland trip could very well prove to be the time of your life.

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