Birdy Bird! 17

I really don’t have any clue what type of bird this is, but my 5-year old daughter keeps insisting it is a red robin…lol! Do you have any idea what kind of bird this is? I bought a few bird feeders last weekend. We love watching them eating at our deck.

Air Force Base 5

Are you ready to get your butt kicked and get yelled at? Then join the military!….lol! Photos were taken last Saturday at Lackland Air Force Base. We drove around the base before shopping at commissary, and saw these bootcampers. Am proud of them!

Tailgating 4

How do you feel when someone tailgates you? There is nothing as frustrating as driving on a two-lane road and having a vehicle so close behind you, that you fear to brake lest they hit you in the rear. Tailgating seems like a common thing here in Texas. Just like this red truck’s doing. I ...

Clown 12

You have got to love this clown. You know why? He’s making a FREE shaped balloon for everybody kid. You just have to wait in line….lol! The Wonderland of the Americas Shopping mall, hosted a largest (5k eggs) Easter egg hunting in San Antonio last Saturday. Aside from sitting on Bunny’s lap, they also offer ...

Fiesta Parade 15

Fiesta is the San Antonio’s biggest festival, with an economic impact of $284 million for the Alamo City. More than three million people take part in Fiesta. It was a big event. The longest parade I’ve ever been to in the US. The parade started from 6:45 to 11:45 pm. You thought they’re real British army? Nay, ...