Birdy Bird! 17

I really don’t have any clue what type of bird this is, but my 5-year old daughter keeps insisting it is a red robin…lol! Do you have any idea what kind of bird this is? I bought a few¬†bird feeders¬†last weekend. We love watching them eating at our deck.

Starship Pegasus | Italy, Texas

Isn’t this cool?! Check out this eye-catching Monolithic Dome stands on the corner of I-35 and Highway 34 in Italy, Texas! “The Starship Pegasus, a quirky architectural lark with clear nods to the Starship Enterprise, was built as a restaurant and arcade in 2005, complete with plans for a hotel and entertainment center. Unfortunately, it ...

Air Force Base 5

Are you ready to get your butt kicked and get yelled at? Then join the military!….lol! Photos were taken last Saturday at Lackland Air Force Base. We drove around the base before shopping at commissary, and saw these bootcampers. Am proud of them!

Sampaguita Vendors

Sampaguita is the National flower of the Philippines. Oh, I just love the smell of this flower. It smells really good! Photo was taken by my younger brother during our visit to Basilica del Sto. Nino Cebu City, Philippines.

Wildseed Farms 4

We drove to Texas hill country last Sunday to see some gorgeous spring flowers at Wildseed Farms. This flower farm has 200 acres of wildflowers in various stages.They are the largest working wildflower farm in the U.S. Wildseed Farms does about $4 million in sales each year, with approximately $1.5 million coming from the retail ...

A New Beginning 11

A beautiful scene from our backyard. Pretty amazing! Skywatch Friday

It’s a Plane! 7

There is a small flying school near where we live, where I see pilots taking flight lessons. It’s annoying sometimes. It’s a bird….it’s a plane Skywatch Friday